We understand the concern surrounding how to maintain your free phone service. Here at AirTalk Wireless, we want to assure you there’s still a way to stay connected and save! This is your final opportunity to keep your phone number by applying Lifeline with AirTalk Wireless or exploring exclusive offers of AirVoice Wireless.

Why wait? Act now, you can seamlessly continue receiving the valuable discounts you rely on.

Qualifying Lifeline with AirTalk Wireless

Lifeline is a government program that helps eligible people stay connected with free phone service. AirTalk Wireless is one of the few nationwide providers offering this program, and we’re authorized in over 38 states! This means you can seamlessly switch to our free Lifeline plan ensuring uninterrupted service.

Qualify to Lifeline now and get Unlimited Voice, Text, enjoy 4.5 GB of High-Speed Internet and more – all for just $0/month!

Already an AirTalk Wireless customer? Click the button below to easily opt-in to Lifeline and start enjoying your free service right away.

New to us? Welcome! Easily qualify for Lifeline and get your fast approval! Let’s start your plan now!

Wondering why qualify to Lifeline with AirTalk Wireless is the smart move? If you do, you’ll receive:

  • Continued Savings: Maintain your current service and keep your monthly bills affordable.
  • Exclusive AirTalk Advantages: Enjoy additional perks and features available only to AirTalk customers, including loyalty and referral program benefits.
  • Seamless Transition: We make transferring your benefit easy and hassle-free.

Seamless switch to AirVoice Wireless

Not Qualified for Lifeline? Explore our AirVoice No-contract wireless plans and experience premium service without the hassle. As AirTalk’s parent company, AirVoice offers unbeatable prices on premium plans. Keeping your existing number? No sweat! We make transferring your number to AirVoice quick and easy.

Start your data plan as low as $5/month, including Unlimited Calling & Texting, 5G+ High-Speed Internet and more (many data options available).

Limited time offer! Get your Second Month FREE on any AirVoice plan! Sign up today and start saving!

Advantages of staying connected with AirTalk and the benefits of being an AirVoice customer: 

  • High-quality phones from iconic brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, and more! 
  • Unlimited International Calling to over 80+ Countries including Canada & Mexico 
  • 5G+ High-Speed Internet  
  • Free Wi-Fi Calling 
  • Multilingual customer support  
  • Loyalty & Trade-in Programs with enticing rewards like extra data, cashback, and upgrades to your device after 6 months   
  • No Contracts and No Hidden Fees 

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing benefits! Now is the time to sign up with AirTalk Wireless or AirVoice Wireless today!



  1. Tracy smith Reply

    I am a airtalk customer and I am so confused on what exactly is going on!!! You say my services have been suspended and I need to contact you guys to stay on the lifeline program. Ok why was I taken off the life line program and suspended? E-sim sounds good but I am confused oñce again, do I get a comparable device for that because my phone I have now is not compatible.

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      You can check the status of your application at https://apply.airtalkwireless.com/enroll/check-status. Normally, it takes about 20-30 minutes for an application to be approved. However, some applications will have to wait 3-4 days or longer for approval. The reason is that your proof documentation needs to be reconfirmed.

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