In today’s age, we know how important it is to stay connected with one another, especially to the ones who live across the pond, and that how international calling plan was being essential.

I have family in Switzerland, so being able to call, text or even FaceTime them when I want is pretty important to me. Not being able to see them every day is hard, that’s why it’s important to switch to a wireless provider you can trust. For a while, you haven’t been able to take AirTalk Wireless with you on your crazy adventures, but now you can! So, pack your bags and your passport, AirTalk is going international! 

Read up on why AirTalk Wireless is your new favorite travel buddy! 

International calling for FREE?

Overpaying for your phone plan can be stressful. That’s why AirTalk Wireless offers its government assistant programs, Lifeline and ACP to qualifying individuals. If you’re currently enrolled in Medicaid, SSI, Low Income or Food Stamps, you may qualify for these services! It’s totally free phone, free shipping and no monthly bill. We know life can get hectic and overpaying for your phone service shouldn’t be at the top of your priority list. Switch to a wireless provider who offers FREE phone services, now overseas!

Visit us today to see if you qualify: Government Benefit Program | Free Smartphone with Free Monthly Cell Phone Service | Affordable Connectivity Program (

Stay Trendy

Want the latest and greatest devices without having to pay the latest and greatest prices? At AirTalk Wireless, eligible customers will receive a FREE 4G/5G LTE Smartphone device from high-end iconic brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and more. We pride ourselves in making sure you can stay connected no matter what! In addition, AirTalk is the only provider in the nation that offers its subscribers these devices for free at its own cost! Visit us here to find the device that’s right for YOU! 

Stay Connected with AirTalk's International Calling

Where does international calling lead?

Expect unlimited international calling – where will our new overseas calling plan take you?Well, basically anywhere! Do you have family out in Eastern Asia? We’ve got you covered. Always wanted to try fish and chips in London. We’ve got you there too. How about seeing the great pyramids in Egypt? Send us a postcard. Consequently, with our fastest 5G bandwidth built to optimize current technology performance and unlock next generation experiences and our reliable connection, we cover more people and more places than anyone else!

Click on the image below to view the countries eligible for AirTalk Wireless.

Stay Connected with AirTalk's International Calling

Outstanding Customer Service

Compared to other wireless providers, AirTalk’s customer service has them beat. Our customer service is what sets AirTalk Wireless apart from other prepaid providers. In the other words, our top-of-the-line customer support team is there for you for anything you need. If you call or email us a question, rest assured that one of our highly qualified representatives will get you the answer.

Likewise, we also offer online chat support and social media support, as we understand that our customers are looking for a wide variety of ways for assistance. Our mission is to provide dependable, affordable wireless service to our customers, backed up by outstanding customer service. 

Stay Connected with AirTalk's International Calling

How can I apply unlimited international calling plan?

Ready to make the switch? It’s easy! Just visit us online at Government Benefit Program | Free Smartphone with Free Monthly Cell Phone Service | Affordable Connectivity Program ( to see if you qualify! After you’ve applied, we’ll review your application and let you know if you’re approved. Once approved, you can choose from our wide selection of devices from iconic brands like REVVL, Apple and Samsung and enjoy your service and FREE smart device! Currently locked into a contract with another government assistance provider? Don’t sweat it! Once you are approved for our Lifeline and ACP benefits, you can start using your new FREE service with us! 

Ready For Departure? 

Are you ready to switch to a hassle-free wireless provider? AirTalk Wireless proudly provides eligible customers with the opportunity to stay connected with who and what matters most through one of our Lifeline or ACP plans. AirTalk offers a free 4G/5G LTE smartphone or SIM card along with free data, talk and text each month to qualified customers, now unlimited international calling!

Need help right away? Give us a call day or night and we can help you with any and all questions you might have. Moreover, we know that you might have better things to do than to call us. Whatever the reason for the call, we make it easy to reach us. So, switch to a wireless provider who’s here to help. 

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Stay Connected with AirTalk's International Calling

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Stay Connected with AirTalk's International Calling

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  1. Elisa Jeffery Reply

    I really like my AirTalk I phone best phone ever can I get the unlimited talk cause I only have 1000 min a month now I’m grateful to have 1000 free minute but if I could switch to unlimited would great if not that’s ok to thank for everything super greatful

  2. Yes I need to find out where to send this phone back to you from the time I got your phone it doesn’t work the home screen bleeds through it won’t stay charged and gets very very hot I would like another phone one that works

  3. Sandra jones Reply

    Is it possible that I can get a new phone using the same number because my phone is currently turned off and on thank you morning

  4. Brandi Abney Reply

    I am having difficulty getting into my locked screen phone. I changed my pin/pattern on my phone last night and tonight I cant remember what I put in…

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