We understand how frustrating dropped calls and unreliable internet can be. At Cintex Wireless, we’re committed to providing you a hassle-free experience. That’s why we’re excited to announce the smooth transition of your ACP service to our parent company, AirTalk Wireless. This change ensures a seamless switch with no disruption to your current service. You’ll get to keep your phone number and all your existing benefits, with all the additional advantages of being an AirTalk customer. 

If you’re still unclear about this news, keep reading our blog for further clarification and instructions on what steps you may need to take! 

Why Transfer Your ACP Phone Service?

Transferring your ACP phone service is essential to ensure a seamless and enhanced experience for our users. This transfer not only maintains your current level of service but also brings exclusive perks at no extra cost. Additionally, by consolidating under one unified service provider, we can better streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a more reliable and consistent service for all our valued customers. 

What bonus benefits will you get? 

As the parent company of Cintex is AirTalk Wireless, the migration service won’t negatively alter your customer experience. Alternatively, AirTalk Wireless is an FCC-licensed Eligible Telecommunication Carrier (ETC) who offers Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs to qualified customers nationwide. By switching to AirTalk Wireless, you’ll gain all these exclusive benefits at no additional cost. 

  • High-quality phones from iconic brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, and more! 
  • Unlimited international calling to over 80 countries, including Canada & Mexico. 
  • 5G+ High-Speed Internet. 
  • Multilingual customer support. 
  • Loyalty & Trade-in Programs with enticing rewards like extra data, cashback, and upgrades to your device after 6 months (Coming Soon). 
  • The Power of Affirm – Buy Now, Pay Later. 
  • No Contracts and No Monthly Bills. 

What do I need to do now?

To keep the process simple, no action is required from you right now. We will notify you with the next steps when the transition process is completed. 

How can I activate my AirTalk account?

We will send you a confirmation email upon successful transition. This email will include your new account information and password, which gives you access to your AirTalk account and all its features, including checking usage, purchasing top-ups, upgrading your phone, and more. 

To activate your new account, there are two easy options: 

  1. Website: Visit https://airtalkwireless.com/account and sign in. 
  1. App: Download the AirTalk app from the App Store or Google Play.

What happens to my free phone service after ACP conclusion?

As per the FCC’s latest announcement, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will be ended on April 30th, 2024. This means your current free phone service through ACP will no longer be available after this date. However, as an AirTalk subscriber, you may still be eligible for partial support from AirTalk Wireless. Undiscounted rates will apply starting in May.  

The good news is that AirTalk Wireless also offers alternative plans that might help you continue with phone service. 

  1. Apply for the Lifeline program with AirTalk Wireless 

AirTalk Wireless is an authorized provider of the Lifeline program in over 38 states. This means once ACP is discontinued, you’ll still be able to keep your connection through our Lifeline services. This is what separates us from our competitors! As our valued customer, we are offering you our exclusive discounted Lifeline plan: 

  • For $0/mo. you can enjoy unlimited voice, text, and 4.5 GBs of data 
  • Need more? For only $10/mo. you can get unlimited voice, text, and 10 GBs of data! 

2. Apply for an AirVoice Wireless Prepaid plan 

Not qualified for Lifeline? No problem. Check out our AirVoice Wireless deeply discounted monthly plans. As the parent company of AirTalk, your current connection can be ported to AirVoice with no extra action required. AirVoice Wireless brings you a premium wireless service with the most affordable pricing on the market.  

Our prepaid plans start at just $10 per month with unlimited calling and texting, and 1 GB of data (with higher data options available). Plus, if you sign up for a month of service now, you’ll get the next month for FREE! Sign up now! 

Please note that if by the time ACP ends and you haven’t chosen a new plan yet, your service will be automatically suspended. To stay connected and to enjoy the benefits of our services, let’s find a plan that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle! 


  1. jennifer parnell Reply

    I need a new phone phone my is old and it don’t do right

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      We are so sorry to hear about your situation. To order a replacement device you will see our great selection of devices available for purchase by logging into your account at https://airtalkwireless.com/account and going to ‘Shop’, scrolling down, and clicking on “Upgrade Phone!”.

  2. Jennifer parnell Reply

    I don’t have account with u yet and I don’t have my account or password for u all yet

  3. Tammy heath Reply

    I’m currently getting snap benefits n medical assistance and i currently have a phone on my sons plan am i eligible for the free phone and do i get a new phone number n plan for free through this company? This seems confusing to me I picked out a phone n needed proof of my social security card n it’s still pending i think idk how this works or do i have to have a government phone in order to get this one ??? Please explain

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      As AirTalk Wireless is a government assistance lifeline service provider, we need your SSN in order to verify your eligibility. You will also be required to provide proof of your qualifying benefit program or if you are applying by income, verification of your income as well.

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      We are so sorry to hear about your situation. To order a replacement device you will see our great selection of devices available for purchase by logging into your account at https://airtalkwireless.com/account and going to ‘Shop’, scrolling down, and clicking on “Upgrade Phone!”.

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