Did you know the AirTalk Loyalty Program offers numerous exciting rewards through simple participation? If you’re still wondering how it operates and how to maximize its benefits, the following questions may provide helpful insights. Keep reading for more details!

1. What is the Loyalty program? 

The AirTalk Loyalty Program aims to enhance your customer experience and show our gratitude for choosing our service, open to existing and new customers eligible for Lifeline. Earn Loyalty points and redeem them for exciting rewards! See more about this program here.

2. What are the benefits from Loyalty program? 

AirTalk Wireless recently expanded its Loyalty program rewards! You can now redeem points for two exciting options: extra data and cashback rewards. The number of points needed varies depending on the reward. And the good news doesn’t stop there! Stay tuned for even more thrilling additions, including exclusive discounts and vouchers, coming soon. 

3. Why is my monthly point still pending?

Remaining active with us for a month will earn 2 points (tribal users get 5 points) for the following month. Initially, these points will be held in a pending status awaiting verification, usually within the first 10 days of the following month. This process applies to all points you receive from any activation with us including referrals and top referrals. Once verified, your points will be promptly added. Stay tuned! If there are any issues with your pending points, we’ll notify you.

4. Are there any costs or fees associated with joining the loyalty program? 

Skip the fees, unlock the thrills! This program is free. Fuel your mobile magic with cashbacks and more. Invite your friends and multiply the fun! 

5. How do I earn loyalty points?  

We’re preparing many methods for you to score points in upcoming updates. For now, you can get more points through:  
Stay with us: The simplest yet most efficient way; stay active with Airtalk Wireless and receive monthly points. 
Referral: Bring your friend on board for bonus points with each successful referral. Yes, you will be given points every month for each referral who stays active with us. 

6. Can I combine loyalty points with other promotions or discounts? 

Absolutely! The Loyalty program is designed to reward you while ensuring the security of your earned benefits. You can easily combine it with other promotions, offering the potential for even greater savings. Sounds fantastic! 

7. How do I check my current loyalty points balance? 

You can check your point balance by signing in to your AirTalk account via our application or website. The point balance will be verified and updated later whenever you earn additional points or redeem them for rewards. 

8. What happens if I switch to another wireless provider? And what if I switch back? 

Your records which include points, history & transaction, will be deleted after the transfer out takes effect. When you switch back to AirTalk, your account will start from 0. 

9. Can I transfer my loyalty points to someone else? 

We regret to inform you that transferring points to someone else is not allowed. AirTalk aims to protect individual advantages and maintain fairness for all customers. 

Eager to discover the quickest way to earn additional points through our Referral Program? Keep reading!

1. What is Referral program?  

You can boost your loyalty point stash by referring your friends to AirTalk! See more about this program here. For each approved application from your referral, you’ll get up to 15 points as a reward. If you refer to tribal individuals, you’ll receive double the reward at up to 30 points for each once. And the benefits don’t stop there – you’ll also earn ongoing points every month per referred friends who stay active with AirTalk service!   

2. When will I receive my referral point?  

Once your referred individual remains active with us for a full month, the referral points you earn for this person will be in pending status for approximately 10 days, allowing us to conduct a comprehensive review to ensure accuracy. Once verified, your points will be counted.

3. How many friends can I invite per month? 

Feel free to invite as many friends as you like! We don’t set a limit for your effort. 

4. What if my friend is not active, do I get points for invited?   

For each successful referral, you will earn bonus points. To be considered a successful referral, the individuals you invite must be active within our service each month and ensure that the referral link is included to be counted.

5. Can I refer AirTalk to friends who are already customers?  

No, for a referral to be deemed successful, the person who went through the invitation to application must start with a new account.

6. Why do I need to keep the invitees active? 

By maintaining the activity of your invitees with us each month, you will earn an additional 5 points per invitee monthly. More points lead to more rewards, so let’s stay engaged. 

7. How will I receive my referral rewards?  

Your referred friend must remain active with us for a full month before you can claim your point for the previous month. For example, if you invite a friend to AirTalk Wireless and they activate their service on May 5th, you’ll be eligible to earn 10 points for your successful referral plus 5 monthly points once they’ve stayed with us for a month, starting from June 15th. However, if you refer tribal individuals, you’ll receive double the reward at 20 points for each referral, along with the 5 monthly points for each referred person. It’s important to note that these additional points require verification, which usually takes around 10 days. Until then, they will be in a pending status.

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  1. Allen layton Reply

    I’m trying to register on line and can not I would also like to talk to a live agent

      • AirTalk Wireless Reply

        Thank you for your interest in AirTalk Wireless! Unfortunately at the moment, we do not support hotspot service on our program. We hope you will consider switching your Lifeline and ACP benefits to us where our customers not only receive FREE monthly service but also a FREE smartphone. To sign-up online please visit us at https://airtalkwireless.com/apply.

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      If you’re our existing customer, you can order a specific phone model with a great price from us by logging in to your account at https://airtalkwireless.com/account, navigate to the shop, scroll down, and click “Upgrade Phone!”.

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      For pre-orders, our procedure involves initially dispatching the SIM card, allowing you to commence utilizing our service with your unlocked device. Subsequently, we aim to fulfill your device order and dispatch it within 2 to 3 weeks following the receipt of your SIM card.

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      If you’re our existing customer, you can order a specific phone model with a great price from us by logging in to your account at https://airtalkwireless.com/account, navigate to the shop, scroll down, and click “Upgrade Phone!”.

  2. Mark Weaver Reply

    I thankful for airtalkwireless for accepting me back in their program and being there for me

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      Thank you for being an AirTalk Wireless customer! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your FREE device and FREE service and we hope you will continue to share our company’s information with your family and friends!

  3. Anthony s Garcia Reply

    Hello I got approved for a new phone. I put all my info and physical address and email what do i do if I still haven’t received no new updates or letter I reallyy need internet accees

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      We are so sorry to hear about your situation. To order a replacement device you will see our great selection of devices available for purchase by logging into your account at https://airtalkwireless.com/account and going to ‘Shop’, scrolling down, and clicking on “Upgrade Phone!”.

  4. Sonya oden Reply

    I really need a phone not a Simms card, how can I find out which one I’m getting?

    • AirTalk Wireless Reply

      Let us check it for you, please send us a message at https://direct.lc.chat/10969352/ or submit a ticket with us online at https://airtalkwireless.com/contact and we will gladly assist you further! Thank you and have a pleasant day!

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