free government phone in kentucky


Many Kentucky residents may not have access to the necessary means of staying connected, such as smartphones and broadband internet services, because the state has some of the highest poverty rates in the country. Keep reading to learn how to get a free government phone in Kentucky.

When applying for the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) at AirTalk Wireless, Kentucky residents can get a free government phone.

The Lifeline program is a federal program that assists low-income people in paying for monthly phone service.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program as a new federal program. This program assists low-income families in obtaining broadband internet service.

In addition, the government only provides monthly discounts on cell phone plans and internet service, not a free phone. AirTalk Wireless, on the other hand, goes above and beyond to provide eligible customers with a free 4G/5G smartphone as well as free shipping at no cost to them.