AirTalk Wireless is one of the leading service providers of the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). With many years of experience in the wireless industry, AirTalk has continued to provide outstanding devices and services to eligible customers.

About AirTalk Wireless:

AirTalk Wireless is an ETC (Eligible Telecommunications Carrier)/MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) &
AirTalk Wireless is an ETC (Eligible Telecommunications Carrier)/MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)

AirTalk Wireless is an ETC (Eligible Telecommunications Carrier)/MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) & DBA of AirVoice Wireless who offers free mobile devices and plans to individuals who qualify for the Lifeline & ACP Program. We pride on offering the best quality services and devices, surpassing all others in the industry by offering its customers:

  • a convenient and fast online application process. 
  • Free UNLIMITED monthly service, including talk, text, and high-speed data on one of America’s fastest and most reliable networks.
  • The latest 4G/5G phones for qualifying customers. 
  • Free shipping 
  • No monthly bills, no credit checks, no activation fees, no contracts! 

Services on AirTalk Wireless 

Customers can select from one of the following plans that best fit their needs on AirTalk Wireless 

AirTalk Wireless provides plans that best fit customers' needs
AirTalk Wireless provides plans that best fit customers’ needs

For over 10 years, AirTalk and its partners have provided federal benefits to thousands of satisfied customers through the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. And AirTalk makes it easy for potential subscribers to easily apply for Lifeline and ACP directly on the AirTalk Wireless website. Simply head to the AirTalk Wireless website and find the Apply button to get started. AirTalk Wireless will then directly receive and review your application.

AirTalk Wireless is currently providing ACP benefits in 32 states and the Lifeline program in 10 states throughout the United States. Customers’ benefits may be slightly different depending on where they live and which program they apply for.   

To apply online for the Lifeline and ACP on the AirTalk Wireless, click HERE

AirTalk Provides a FREE Phone and FREE Internet Services 

free phone on AirTalk Wireless
Free phone on AirTalk Wireless

AirTalk Wireless also provides eligible customers with free internet services and a free 4G/5G smartphone. For AirTalk’s current plan offerings, check out the list below:   

  • Lifeline Plan: Qualified subscribers will receive 4.5G of data, 350 minutes of talk, and unlimited SMS.   
  • ACP Plan: With AirTalk’s ACP Plan, qualified customers will receive a free cell phone plus 8GB of data and unlimited SMS and minutes.  
  • Lifeline & ACP Combo Plan: This is one of the best deals you can get receive from a government benefit provider. After approval, Lifeline and ACP customers will receive a free iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S8, and more. Qualified subscribers will also receive unlimited high-speed data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text & picture messaging with AirTalk.  

For a list of the top 5 free phones offered through AirTalk Wireless, click HERE.  

Tracking your Application Status on AirTalk Wireless 

You can easily check your application status on AirTalk
You can easily check your application status on AirTalk

As part of the application process to participate in the Lifeline and ACP government benefit programs, there are many steps involved in verifying your eligibility. As part of that process, AirTalk understands that it would be beneficial for customers to know what step their application is currently under, and if any further information is required to finalize their application. Therefore, AirTalk Wireless provides its customers with a check status service to maximize their convenience. By checking your application status on AirTalk’s website, you will have the opportunity to:  

  • Easily track your application status by using your email, Zip code, and SSN 
  • Interact through a user-friendly interface on AirTalk Wireless. 

Click HERE for the further guide for checking status on AirTalk Wireless.  

Final Words 

AirTalk is proud to be a leading service provider for government support programs such as Lifeline and ACP. In addition to the above services, AirTalk also offers its customers other services such as BYOD, BYON, Upgrade Device options, International Calling, and more! Visit to learn more today!

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